Two New Apartment Buildings in Sugar House

Here’s an update on an interesting project in downtown Sugar House.

People constantly ask me about what’s happening in Salt Lake City. There are some interesting projects planned, and I wanted to highlight one of them. Two new apartment buildings are being added to downtown Sugar House. It’s an interesting project because one building is going to be 10 stories tall. There’s a unique city code that lets the building be taller if it has extra parking, which is desperately needed around there.

To make space, they’ll be tearing down the old 24-Hour Fitness and a bit around it. Combined, the buildings will add 346 units to the area.

As you might know, there’s another apartment building just across the street that’s also being built right now. These projects are going to make the area more congested, but that’s why they’re also working on the S Line. The plans aren’t finalized for this, but I’m not holding my breath that this will all work out well.

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